Tranquil Beauty in Your Landscape

Nothing measures up to the peacefulness of water in your landscape. And nothing can be more disappointing than a dirty water feature.

Draining the pond
Collecting fish
Pressure washing rocks and liner

Care & Cleaning

What a hassle! Who has the time, let alone the resources, to drain and clean a pond of most any size? Green by Nature can step in and drain your water feature, clean out the sludge, and get you going again right away! We can also assist you with the long-term care of your feature, minimizing algae growth, maximizing water clarity, and all without using toxic chemicals.

Blast It all!

Once your pond is drained, Green by Nature will use a high pressure sprayer to blast the gunk away – careful not to slice your liner! Old, yucky rocks will be good as new! Gunk stuck to your liner? Not for long!

What About my Fish?

We will also protect your fish (if you have any) by filling containers with your pond’s water and placing the fish safely in these containers while we work. Once your pond is refilled, the containers are floated in the water for about 30 minutes, giving the fish time to acclimate to the new water. It might get a little cramped, but its better than being sushi!

Enjoy Your Waterscape Once Again!

A cleaned pond.