Fresh biofine is applied to the surface of the lawn to boost regrowth.
After restoration
After restoration

Your Breathtaking Lawn Awaits

Green by Nature has been in the lawn restoration field since its inception in 2006. The unique techniques employed by the Green by Nature service staff are certain to restore your lawn to better-than-new appearance when the process is complete.


After restoration

A Proprietary, Holistic System Based on Experience and Results

Other companies will saturate your soil with chemicals, water, and empty promises. Still others may claim that the only way to fix your lawn is to tear it out and start over again, costing thousands!

Green by Nature learned a simple process to restore any lawn from any condition as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Operational, automated underground irrigation system in place
  • Pre-existing turf, dead or partially alive

Time is on Your Side

Green by Nature won’t fill your landscape with harsh chemicals that temporarily repair your lawn. What do we mean by “temporarily?” It’s simple. Most service providers shoot your lawn up with chemical fertilizers that act like heroin to your grass. When the chemicals wear off, the grass browns out and waits to get its next “fix.” A cycle of dependency is created.

Why do people do this? Because its fast. Green by Nature treats your lawn like the living organism that it is. Living organisms depend on multiple sources of nutrients to survive, and those sources are best sourced organically, not synthetically. The results take more time to produce, but your lawn will be strengthened to thrive on its own rather than depending on chemicals to make it perform.

How Lawn Restoration Works

Lawn restoration requires the re-habilitation of dead, or partially dead turf by strengthening the soil with organic components that will work on their own to feed and sustain the new turf.

  1. Green by Nature begins by thatching and aerating the existing turf to remove the dead plant material.
  2. Then a variety of supplements and seed are applied to the surface of the old turf, including fertilizer which we use to act as a supplement, not the basis for the success of the program.
  3. A layer of compost is applied over the supplements from step 2.
  4. More seed and supplement mixture is applied to the surface of the compost.
  5. The irrigation system is set, and the lawn takes care of itself.


For restoration of existing, living turf, your recovery time will be about 4-6 weeks, but due to the intrinsic strength of the organic material, you will notice a distinct improvement in the coloration of your lawn in just a couple days!

Will it Work for Me?

You might be thinking that you are the exception to this process – that somehow, your lawn is worse than anything we’ve seen. Well if your lawn looks anything like the picture on the right, better or worse, Green by Nature can transform your lawn from hopeless to beautiful!